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Unlocking Coffee's Basics: The Impact of Ratio and Grind Size

Updated: May 3

Welcome back to another captivating exploration into the world of coffee brewing. Today, we embark on an enriching journey to unveil the hidden secrets behind two fundamental elements that elevate your coffee experience to new heights - ratio and grind size.

As we delve deeper, we'll unveil some rule-of-thumb insights that will not only delight your taste buds but also enhance your coffee expertise. Let's dive in!

Grind Size: The Gateway to Coffee Perfection

Grind size plays a pivotal role in the ultimate flavor profile of your brew. For those indulging in drip or French press brewing methods, a finer grind allows for more extensive extraction, intensifying the body, sweetness, and potential hints of delightful bitterness. On the contrary, coarser grinds magnify the coffee's acidity, brightness, and a touch of pleasant fruitiness. Striking the perfect balance between these two extremes is the key to unlocking your ideal coffee experience.

Finding Your Coffee Nirvana: A Journey of Discovery

Unveiling your coffee nirvana begins with embracing the versatility of grind sizes. Take, for instance, the charming Guatemalan coffee, which serves as an excellent canvas to uncover the magic of grind size. A coarser grind lets the fruity notes dance on your taste buds, while a finer grind reveals chocolatey and caramel undertones. The journey of coffee discovery lies in your hands - experiment, explore, and delight in the symphony of flavors.

Coffee to Water Ratio: The Power of Strength and Intensity

Step into the realm of coffee strength and intensity with the coffee-to-water ratio. Like an artist wielding their brush, the ratio brings depth and boldness to your brew. A higher ratio, symbolizing a bolder approach, accentuates the brightness and lively acidity, awakening your senses to a symphony of flavors. Conversely, a lower ratio crafts a mellower, more balanced cup, allowing the rich, robust notes to take center stage. Play with ratios like a maestro to orchestrate your perfect coffee masterpiece.

Start from these recommended ratios based on your brewing method:

  • Pour-over/Drip/Coffee Maker: 1:16 (1 part of coffee for 16 part of water)

  • French Press: 1:12

  • Espresso: 1:2

  • Ibrik/Cezve/Turkish Coffee: 1:10

Personalization: A Unique Brew for Every Palate

Celebrate your individuality by crafting your coffee recipe through personalized ratios and grind sizes. For those embracing natural processed coffees, consider a lower ratio paired with coarser grinds to amplify their inherent sweetness. When exploring the realm of washed coffees, delight in finer grinds to uncover a harmonious balance of acidity and sweetness.

For instance, you can try to grind your coffee as fine as possible until it starts clogging and until bitterness comes out.

Acidity vs. Sourness: The Fine Line of Taste

Acidity is not a crime, meaning that usually, every coffee is acidic. By definition, by nature and by science, they all have a PH below seven. Coffee enthusiasts understand the fine line between acidity and sourness, and it's a journey worth savoring. Embrace acidity as a delightful companion, lending vivacity and preventing the dreaded flatness. Our passion for coffee compels us to embrace the extremes, explore our palate's unique thresholds, and enrich our tasting vocabulary. An adventure of a lifetime awaits in every cup.

Everyone is different. So it's really important to find your own sweet spot, but at the same token, don't be afraid to experience the extremes. It's by experiencing the extremes, experiencing the defect, that you also develop your palate and your vocabulary.

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