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Run out of quality coffee.

Select your Memli Coffee Experience.



Customize  Your Plan

Central to Memli Coffee Lab is a commitment to personalization. The approach involves crafting bespoke coffee journeys for each coffee lover, meticulously aligned with their unique preferences.

This goes beyond comprehending individual taste profiles to include custom subscription plans and curated workshops that resonate with diverse preferences.

Coffee Concierge Experience


Our Coffee Concierge service is a conduit for acquiring brewing expertise, exploring nuanced flavor dimensions, and obtaining pertinent information about your coffee. Each interaction underscores Memli Coffee Lab's commitment to delivering not just products, but valuable and memorable experiences. Just reach out!



  • Brewer

    Every month
    Save up to 10%
    • 2 bags per month ~40 cups
    • Free shipping
    • First to taste new coffee release
    • Choose your own Roast profile
  • Barista

    Every month
    Save up to 12%
    • 3 bags per month ~60 cups
    • Free shipping
    • First to taste new coffee release
    • Choose your own Roast profile
  • Connoisseur

    Every month
    Save up to 15%
    • 4 bags per month ~80 cups
    • Free Shipping
    • First to taste new coffee release
    • Choose your own Roast profile
  • Memli Limited

    Every month
    Monthly subscription of our limited editions coffee
    • 1 bag (50-150g) of Rare/Innovative/Limited coffee
    • Free Shipping
    • 89+ coffee score sourced from top-tier coffee growers

Free Cancellations and Freeze when needed. The coffees selected by the roaster will regularly rotate to help you discover all the flavors unless you notify us in advance. Email us with your preferred origin or method.

Customize Your Subscription

from $


every 2/3/4/5 weeks

Choose the number of bags

Choose the frequency

Choose the size

Choose the flavor preferences

Choose Whole Bean / Ground

  • When will I get my coffee(s)?
    Depending on your first purchasing date, the coffee bags will be delivered or mailed after the following roasting date (Monday and Tuesday - shipping Wednesday and Thursday) For example, if you purchased a plan on Wednesday, the coffees will be freshly roasted on the next Monday and delivered or mailed to you on Wednesday of the same week.
  • When will I get debited
    Based on your plan and the date of your purchase, you'll be debited every month on the same day. You are free to choose when your plan starts. Example: March 3rd - payment every 3rd of the month
  • Can I propose the coffees I want to try?
    Of course, we have different coffee and different roast style based on 1) your preference and 2) your brewing tools. Ideally, we would like you to try everything step by step to develop your sensory skill and become a connoisseur!
  • I don't have a grinder, can you grind it?"
    Yes, just send us a message with the brewing tool you'll be using.
  • Beside coffee, is there anything else I'll get by subscribing?"
    Aside from fine specialty coffee, you'll get personalized brewing tutorial audio and recommendation. You will also get some pre-sample before everyone else. Last but not least, subscribing will allow you to get 5 to 20% off the coffees.
  • Can I cancel, freeze, terminate my plan ? Is there any fee?"
    No fees, you can cancel or freeze anytime on your member's page.
  • I am travelling, can I put my subscription on hold?"
    Yes, you can pause your plan on your member's page - or you can let us know in advance.
  • Can I change my address?
    You can update your default address on your member's page.
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