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Coffee Solutions & Consulting

We are a small-batch specialty coffee roaster who values quality, consistency, and transparency by supplying fine coffee roasted with a focus on the origin's identity and flavor.

We are excited to provide coffee services that suit different kinds of needs and build long-term relationships:

Wholesale Coffee & Retail bags

Training and Education

Custom Solution

Consulting & Coaching

Catering, Team Building

Office Subscription

Corporate Package Solution

Memli Coffee Lab's specialty coffee stands as a testament to its unwavering pursuit of delivering exceptional coffee experiences. Available in various sizes, ranging from 100g for limited editions to 300g for classic bag sizes, or 5lbs for larger volumes, each bag encapsulates the distinct personality of the sourced coffee beans. The diverse spectrum of flavor profiles inherent in these bags underscores our dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that each guest discovers a coffee that resonates with their preferences.

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