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The Sustainable Sip: Unveiling the Ethical Practices Behind Memli Coffee Lab

In a world where conscious consumerism is gaining momentum, ethical practices, and sustainability have become vital touchstones for coffee operators. Although coffee is still today an unsustainable product in the grand scheme of things, with specialty coffee and attention to detail, we aim to make our industry slowly more sustainable than yesterday. In that regard, we stand as a shining example of a company dedicated to the principles of ethical sourcing, sustainability, and community engagement. Let's unveil the ethical practices that drive Memli Coffee Lab's commitment to a sustainable sip.

Our definition of Sustainability

Simply leave this place as you found it or slightly better.

Ethically Sourced Coffee: A Foundation of Trust

At the heart of Memli Coffee Lab's mission is its dedication to ethically sourced coffee. This commitment begins with building transparent and mutually beneficial relationships with coffee producers across the globe. By working directly with farmers and cooperatives, we ensure that coffee is sourced under fair conditions, providing growers with equitable compensation for their exceptional beans.

coffee producer
Sebastian Ramirez - Finca El Placer

Micro-Lots: Elevating Coffee Quality and Farmer Livelihoods

One of our standout practices is its emphasis on micro-lot coffees. These are small batches of coffee beans that are carefully selected for their unique flavor profiles and exceptional quality. By showcasing micro-lots, We not only highlight the diversity of coffee flavors but also directly support farmers who cultivate these extraordinary beans.

As a result, we empower producers and create a real impact at the farm level. Check out our transparency details for each coffee to know more about it.

Sustainable Sourcing: Nurturing the Environment

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Memli Coffee Lab's ethos. We actively seek out coffee that adheres to sustainable farming practices, which prioritize environmental conservation, soil health, and biodiversity. This ensures that each cup of Memli coffee is a sip of sustainability, supporting ecosystems and promoting responsible agriculture.

Pillcocaja- Ecuador

Pillcocaja coffee is grown in a privileged area on the top of the mountains at 1700 meters above sea level, with an exceptional terroir. The coffee tree grows naturally under the shade of old native trees named Faiques feeding on natural springs that are formed in the high parts of the mountain.

Without the space that nature gives us to cultivate, Pillcocaja would not exist, that's why we seek to reward it by not using intrusive machinery or toxic fertilizers. Nature and Pillcocaja are one. The earth is its strength, water is its food, and the sun is its sustenance.

Community Engagement: Beyond Beans and Brews

Memli Coffee Lab recognizes that its impact extends beyond the coffee itself. We actively engage with the coffee-producing communities, participating in projects that benefit local populations. From educational initiatives to infrastructure development, Memli Coffee Lab contributes to the well-being of the communities that make coffee cultivation possible.

From a packaging standpoint, we do our best, every single year to improve one aspect at a time. From our compostable bag to card, labels, etc...It is a long-term plan that takes time and attention to detail. Reusing, re-purposing, and always seeking the most sustainable alternative is on our radar and top priority.

Your Sustainable Sip Starts Here

Every cup of Memli coffee is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethics, and quality. By choosing Memli Coffee Lab, you're not just enjoying exceptional coffee; you're supporting a company that believes in the power of coffee to do good in the world.

As the specialty coffee landscape evolves, we remain steadfast in ourmission to provide a sustainable sip that nourishes the soul, the community, and the planet.

It's a commitment that goes beyond beans and brews—it's a promise to make each sip count.

Join Memli Coffee Lab in its journey towards a sustainable and ethical coffee experience. Your sip can be a catalyst for positive change.



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