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This one-of-a-kind Sidra hybrid is cultivated in Hacienda Potosi and boasts tasting notes of cherry blossom, raspberry, lychee, cotton candy grapes, and vanilla praline.


It's a floral and fruity coffee that's perfect for ushering in the new season.

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Unique boutique coffee lab

Our mission is to offer a unique sensory experience so you can learn and enjoy more about your daily cup, by consistently sourcing traceable, seasonal, and fine micro-lot of coffee with exceptional flavor profiles. We are one of very few roasters offering full transparency of the prices paid to the farmers.

To bring these exceptional coffees to life, we highlight the synergy between its terroir, farming practices, and variety via our delicate roasting approach.

This results in a series of outstanding coffee mindfully roasted that creates specific memories and emotions, revealing the beauty of each coffee from the inside out.

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From the World to your Cup

I believe communication is the first step to solving anything. That’s why we value trust, transparency, and mindfulness in everything we do. Coffee flows in my blood since my childhood in Paris, France. From the café on the terraces to a warm cup of turkish coffee at home, it was always a connecting moment between people and culture. 


After my engineering degree, months of travel at coffee origins, and years of coffee education in  London, UK, I launched Memli Coffee Lab to propose an innovative approach to coffee roasting with a focus on sensory experience, transparency, and education.


Looking back, coffee has always been in my life. As we say in French, it's my "madeleine de Proust" and my glimmer of hope at the same time. I hope you can catch me one day and share ideas around a cup of coffee


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