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At Memli Coffee Lab, we help you become a coffee connoisseur by continuously sourcing the finest specialty grade coffee and taking you with us in this journey. That way we can promote our partner's outstanding labor at the origins and properly offer you their craft so that your coffee gets better every year.

Because “The best coffee is the one you like"​, we are offering a new vision about your coffee experience with meaning so you can make an impact.

Water Minerals for Coffee


Unique origin-focus boutique roaster 

From sourcing to delivering, we reveal the true origin of your coffee resulting in quality coffee, consistency and traceability.

Our mission is to provide sensory excellence by pairing your hobby and interests with flavors and ensuring that the origin of our producing partner's can be revealed through our roasts.

Coffee connects

I believe communication is the first step to solve any issue. That’s why I value trust, transparency and mindfulness in everything I do - experience & sensory became my focus. 

My childhood memories are filled with coffee smell in Paris, France where I finished my degree in thermodynamics. Meanwhile, I learnt about coffee in Colombia, started to work as a barista in Brazil, launched a Coffee Workshop in London, UK to bring awareness on what, how and why specialty coffee.

Moved to Houston, Texas in 2019, I launched Memli Coffee Lab to propose an innovative approach to coffee roasting with sensory experiments and education. I hope you can catch me one day and share ideas around acup of coffee

Mehmet E. Sogan

Sensory Professional


We believe in passion, transparency and mindfulness in every coffee we roast. The way we respect those values is by bringing awareness, ethic and authenticity in everything we do from sourcing to delivering and reveal the beauty of our coffee from the inside-out.​ This result in excellent quality coffee, consistency and awesome people.







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