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Experience the Journey of Origin's Flavor

Mindfully Roasted Coffee...   Join our Circle. 

Memli Coffee Lab | Specialty Coffee Roaster
2024 United States Cup Taster's Champion

Boutique Coffee Roaster & Studio

About memli

As a boutique coffee roaster, our roasting philosophy focuses on revealing the original taste of each coffee.

At the heart of Memli Coffee Lab's mission lies a commitment to curating a sensory journey. By meticulously sourcing rare and limited micro-lots, we empower coffee enthusiasts to embark on an exploration of flavors that are as enlightening as they are exquisite. This journey of taste is designed not only to inform the palate but also to educate, inspire, and ignite a passion for the artistry of coffee.

"It's how we do anything that we do everything"


Limited Specialty Coffee

Our selection of coffee is directly sourced from the origin, highlighting the top 1% producers of the World


Delicate Roasting Approach

We develop the sweetness, aromas, and flavors of each specialty coffee we source while keeping the origin identity to offer the best coffee. This results in a spectrum of taste experiences catering to diverse preferences.



From the green coffee grade to our sourcing partner and our purchasing price, we source coffee down to the micro-lots to make a bigger impact for our producing partners.

memli coffee bean


Tailored Coffee Subscription

Central to Memli Coffee is our subscription plan starting at $24 involving a bespoke coffee journey for each coffee lover.


Custom Business Solutions

We provide coffee services that suit all needs. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and meticulous roasting extends seamlessly to our partners, enabling them to deliver unparalleled coffee experiences to their guests or colleagues.


Workshops & Training

Our roots in education inspire every every sip. More than 3,000 guests since 2017 attended our workshops and training. From tasting to brewing, roasting, hospitality, and entrepreneurship, we help you hone your skill or learn a new one every weekend.

About us


Mehmet Sogan
2024 United States Cup Tasters Champion

After my engineering degree, months of travel at coffee origins, and years of coffee education in  London, I launched Memli Coffee Lab. Our mission is rooted in our coffee journey to make specialty coffee more accessible and propose an innovative approach to coffee roasting with a focus on sensory experience, transparency, and education.

"At Memli Coffee Lab, our mission is to transform the act of coffee consumption into an immersive sensory journey that unveils the intricate flavors of each cup. Through transparency, education, and a commitment to positive impact, we aspire to create a world where every sip tells a story of origin, craftsmanship, and a shared passion for exceptional coffee."

memli coffee
memli coffee lab

Let's embark on this journey of flavor together!

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