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fine coffee roasted to your tastes.

At Memli Coffee Lab, we are helping you become a coffee connoisseur by continuously sourcing the finest specialty grade coffee and taking you with us in this journey. Because “The Best Coffee Is The One You Like"​, we are offering a new vision about your daily coffee routine with mindfulness and meaning to your experience.

Unique terroir-based boutique roaster 

From sourcing to delivering, we reveal the terroir of your coffee.

This result in fine quality coffee, consistency and awesome people.

We help coffee enthusiasts to learn more and develop skills to become a coffee connoisseur.


Our mission is to provide sensory excellence by pairing your hobby and interests with flavors and promote our producing partner's exceptional labor. That way quality will be improved year after year.  ​

You'll never taste coffee the same way

Nobody should experience the pain of brewing and tasting fine coffee.


You experience so much new tastes you have never experienced before. Definitely opened my mind to Coffee and completely new flavors. The world of coffee definitely needs more people like Mehmet, who believe in quality and extraordinary tastes of coffee.


Mehmet's INCREDIBLE knowledge of coffee, coffee brewing methods, history, and genuine curiosity made this one of the most educational  experiences I have been a part of. I learned a lot, drank delicious coffee, and bought some of his great coffee beans!


Awesome experience! We learned so much and the coffee was delicious! I definitely hope to go again in the future and bring along more people!

Overall Rating: 5*

Coffee connects

I believe that the first step to solve any issue is to communicate. That’s why I value trust, transparency and mindfulness in everything I do. I remember the first coffee I brew at the age of 7 – a dark roasted Turkish coffee. Although this first sip gave me a bitter memory of coffee, sharing it with others added some sweetness to it. 

Learnt about coffee at the farm in Colombia, I started to work as a barista in BrazilIn the meantime, I obtain my master degree in thermodynamics in FranceI believe that we don’t know what we don’t know. In 2017, I launched a Specialty Coffee Tasting Workshop in London, UK to bring awareness and shed lights on what, how and why Specialty coffee is. More than 1000 guests across the world tried it.

Like you I am frustrated when my brew doesn't match what I had in the cafe. Hence, experience and sensory became my focus, with hours of SCA training and competitions. Moved to Houston, Texas in 2019, I launched Memli Coffee Lab and proposed an innovative approach to coffee roasting with sensory experiments and education.

Mehmet E. Sogan - Roaster

3rd Place UK Aeropress Championship 2019

Semi-Finalist France Cup Taster's 2019

US Cup Taster's 2020 National


We believe in passion, transparency and mindfulness in every coffee we roast. The way we respect those values is by bringing awareness, ethic and authenticity in everything we do from sourcing to delivering and reveal the beauty of our coffee from the inside-out.​ This result in excellent quality coffee, consistency and awesome people.







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