At Memli Coffee Lab, we help you become a better coffee connoisseur by consistently sourcing the finest specialty grade coffee and taking you with us on our fully transparent journey. That way we can promote our partner's outstanding skills at the origin so that your coffee gets better every year.

Because the best coffee is the one you like, we are offering a new vision about your coffee experience with mindfulness, quality, transparency, and education.

coffee cupping

Unique terroir-focused boutique roaster 

From sourcing to delivering, we reveal the true origin of your coffee resulting in quality coffee, consistency, and traceability.

Our mission is to provide sensory excellence by conveying certain moods, hobbies, and interests with coffee flavors.

To do so we preserve the terroir's flavor identity of our producing partners through our roasts. We are proud to showcase the full traceability of each coffee we source. 

This results in a series of outstanding coffee from all over the world you can enjoy and improve your sensory skills.


Coffee connects

We believe communication is the first step to solve anything. That’s why we value trust, transparency, and mindfulness in everything we do.

Coffee flows in my blood since my childhood in Paris, France where I observed how connecting it can be. From the cafe at the terrasse to a warm cup of Turkish coffee, it was always a connecting moment between people and culture. 


After I got my degree in thermodynamics, I started to learn about coffee farming in Colombia out of curiosity. What was a little trip ended up being a fortune. I worked as a barista in Brazil, got trained and trained others in London, UK to bring awareness on specialty coffee.

Moved to the US in 2019, I launched Memli Coffee Lab to propose an innovative approach to coffee roasting with a focus on sensory, experiences, and education.


Looking back, coffee has always been in my life. As we say in French, it's my "madeleine de Proust" and my glimmer of hope at the same time. I hope you can catch me one day and share ideas around a cup of coffee