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Virtual Coffee Tasting to taste & learn more about our coffee

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In this workshop, we are going to dive into the little details that make coffee so unique, interesting, and passionate. Each participant will receive a package 3-7 days prior to the workshop including 7 ground samples of coffee on a drip filter 7 whole beans samples (for those who want to cup the coffee) 1 How-to brew card Sales will be closed 7 days before the start of the workshop Prior to the class, each attendee needs to prepare Great water for coffee or filtered water At least 3 cups or mugs - about 10oz / 300ml each For the cuppers, at least 3 equal equal bowls 1 additional vessel/carafe to dump the extra coffee/water 1 kettle/boiler of at least 1L capacity Zoom installed The tasting consists of 8 coffee on 3 flights: Tasting #1 - We will start by tasting 3 different terroir with the same variety side by side and I'll introduce the coffee plant, terroir, and farming practices for each coffee. Tasting #2 - On the next flight, we will focus on the organic acids by tasting different acidity qualities in coffee that highlights Tasting #3 - I will introduce 3 different roast profiles of the same coffee and we will discuss the differences in flavor, acidity, aftertaste, body, sweetness, and bitterness. We will end with a detailed discussion and Q&A.

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