Introducing Memli Rewards

A Loyalty Program that keeps you caffeinated

With Memli Rewards you earn points with every dollar spent on coffee, workshops, or pretty much anything. You can check your status on your member's page badge.

How to join?

You automatically join and accumulate points as soon as you place your first order.

coffee bean.jpg

Earn points to unlock rewards and benefits

Whether you’re just starting brewing some coffee or you are a coffee veteran, by brewing and tasting the coffee you love you can rack up points and access exclusive membership benefits at each level.

Home Brewer

100 points


200 points


400 points


750 points


1000 points

Earn points with every order placed

15% Reward coupon

x1 Free Coffee Bag

x1 Free Coffee tasting Workshop

x1 Free Memli Merch (subject to availability)

x1 Limited Edition Coffee

Lifetime free shipping

Personalized Coffee (Single Origin / Blend)