We love great coffee and when it came to proposing a cold brew approach, we kept the same quality standard and values to pick the best option.

In our search for the perfect chilled drink, we found that traditional methods lead to dilution and oxidation, destroying much of the flavor and aroma.
As a result of months of trials and error, we opted for Snapchill™ Technology harnessing the power of simple science to chill everything you pour in seconds, without ice or chemicals. 


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We want to offer a new cold beverage experience to Houston with proven technology and innovation that allow everyone to experience cold in ways they haven't been able to before. Full-bodied, natural, and as it should be.

Snapchilled™ Coffee - Gute Sodu x6

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  • Elemental Beverage Company is home to a passionate group of coffee geeks, professional baristas, mixologists, thermodynamic engineers, and industrial designers. Together, we transformed our deep love of cold into a mission to make cold coffee, tea, and cocktails better than iced, refrigerated, or cold brewed.

    What began as curious tinkering, fast became our full-time gig. One that allowed us to parlay our collective knowledge into the best sip of cold coffee, tea, and spirits any of us had ever had.