Coffee is often sipped while working, studying, or reading. It often gives us a feeling of productivity, knowledge, and self-development. At Memli Coffee, we always push ourselves to be better, learn more, and deliver a better cup day after day. Those long hours of reading, researching, brainstorming is often accompanied by coffee. That's why I wanted a coffee with flavors that match that feel and activity. Whether it's in the morning or afternoon, I used to create a beverage with hot water, citrus fruits, honey along with light snacks until I found this coffee. A triple washed process from Rwanda that gives me the syrupiness of warm honey along with some dried fruit jamminess and orange taste.


About the farm

Founder and chairperson Furaha Umwizeye Teuscher has established herself as one of the region’s top producers under the brand Kivu Belt and Murundo washing station that offer quality and training programs for participating farming families.


Murundo is located in Mahembe, arguably producing some of the region’s finest coffees and Murundo itself placing third in the 2018 Cup of Excellence.

The Nyamasheke district in Rwanda is gifted in terroir. The cool, humid climates of both Lake Kivu and the Nyungwe Forest National Park keep groundwater abundant throughout the uniquely hilly region. Kivu itself is part of the East African Rift whose consistent drift creates volcanic seepage from the lake’s bottom and enriches the surrounding soils.