Most of the Peruvian coffee is sold as cooperatives where several producer's coffees are mixed in a processing station. 

As always, we thrive to offer the most traceable coffee possible. That's why we worked with Lima Coffees and Cafe Imports to get a single farm coffee from the region of San Ignacio in the north of Peru, known for the highest quality of Peruvian coffee produced in the country.


Alejandro Nuñes Quispe owns a 5-hectare farm where he exclusively grows coffee, primarily Caturra and Bourbon varieties. The farm, La Palma, has shade plants and rich nutrient-dense soil, and like his fellow members of the Lima Coffees cooperative, Alejandro farms organically.


"The first coffee of the day is quite primordial. I wanted to find a morning coffee that goes well with my breakfast bowl. A coffee that slowly wakes you up without too much of a kick - a sweet, slightly fruity cup of coffee. Every day I have my morning routine with some granola, banana, some berries, and almond milk. Hence, I started to look for a coffee with medium acidity and a caramel/brown sugar sweetness in the cup with some stone fruit notes. The sweetness and fruitiness of this coffee along with a smooth finish was the perfect fit."



PriceFrom $13.00
  • PRODUCER - Alejandro Nuñes Quispe

    COUNTRY - Peru

    REGION - San Ignacio,Cajamarca

    VARIETY - Bourbon

    PROCESS - 20 hours fermentation in open-air tanks + Washed 3 times

    ELEVATION - 1,700 - 1,900 masl

    HARVEST - November 2020

    TASTING NOTES - caramel, apple, stone fruit