We prioritize health and treat our body, mind & soul with quality and care. That's why we have created a drink that combines health benefits and taste. Get the long-list benefits of kombucha with the antioxidants and caffeine of the naturally sweet cascara.


Tasting notes - Apple, Berries, Cider, Honey


16oz. Keep refrigerated. Shake well before opening.


This product is available for local free delivery inside loop and pick-up only.

Batches are brewed on a weekly basis and takes about 12 - 16 days to finalize.


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Organic Cascara Cherry Tea Kombucha

  • Coffee beans are the seed of a fruit referred to as a coffee cherry. The process of pulping removes the green coffee from its skin. Those seeds get roasted to get coffee. The skin or cherries can be dried and brewed as a “tea" - the dried coffee cherries became referred to as Cascara – or “husk” in Spanish.