Most decaf coffees are not traceable. We put the same effort and quality into every single offering we propose. This swiss water decaf matches perfectly our mission, value, and principles.


At Memli Coffee, we enjoy experimenting with pairing and afternoon coffee experience. With sweet notes that pairs with dessert as well as some cheese, this Mexican Jade centennial coupled with the Swiss Water Process gives us a clean, sweet and round cup. A perfect after-dinner/lunch coffee.


About the farm

 One of the especially unique aspects of Finca San Carlos is its year-round access to spring water, allowing the coffees to double wash with an extended post-fermentation soak commonly seen in Kenya and Ethiopia. Don Alfred’s water management is second to none; he’s installed purifying tanks and has excellent wastewater management practices. Always in search of innovation, recently Alfred began renovating his drying patio and installing raised beds.


  • PRODUCER - Alfred Klein, Finca San Carlos

    COUNTRY - Mexico

    REGION - Unión Juárez, Chiapas

    VARIETY - Unknown "Jade" Variety

    PROCESS - Swiss Water Decaf

    ELEVATION - 1,100 - 1,350 meters masl

    HARVEST - October - December 2020

    TASTING NOTES - cocoa, sugary, nuts