"Winter is coming, it's time to warm-up with a sweet and round cup. It's also time to gather up with people you love and create or share memories. As a grown-kid, I'm still amazed and happy when I receive milk chocolate. Therefore, I wanted to find a coffee with a big milk chocolate note with a hint of spices and fruits."


Finca Nueva Granada, named after the last Arab Fortress in Europe, was one of the first farms to achieve Rainforest Alliance Certification.  Located between two of Guatemala’s looming volcanoes, Tajumulco and Tacana, Finca Nueva Granada has become a perfect example of how a farm can become more than a source of delicious coffee.  The farm has on-site schooling and implements impressive sustainable practices for coffee processing.  Finca Nueva Granada uses its own clear spring water for pulping and implements “shade-grown” techniques to protect the environment in which it relies so heavily upon.



PriceFrom $12.00
  • PRODUCERS - Finca Nueva Granada

    COUNTRY - Guatemala

    REGION - San Marcos

    VARIETY - Bourbon

    PROCESS - Washed

    CERTIFICATION - Rainforest Alliance

    ELEVATION - 1800 masl

    HARVEST - March 2020

    TASTING NOTES - chocolate, baking spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), grapes (red)