"I love summer, freshness, and the feeling of emptying a cup of coffee too fast. It took me months to find real sunny coffee that doesn't taste like any classic Ethiopian. A refreshing, fruity, and floral cup of coffee that can be paired with light bites and conveys good conversations and time with friends and family." 


Gute Sodu or "Guduba" washing station is directly supported by smallholder farms, which grow their coffee either in semi-forest conditions (farmers pruning and tending to naturally grow coffee trees in forest area) or garden conditions (coffee trees cultivated and tended near a farmer’s residence). By sourcing exclusively from these farms, SNAP, the exporter, is able to create new opportunities for smallholder farmers whose coffee might not have been marketable as premium specialty coffee.


Giving farmers access to state of the art processing through their washing stations creates value for farmers while building consistency and quality.


What makes this coffee unique in Ethiopia is the variety used: Dega - a regional landrace of Ethiopia. The Amharic word “dega” means “cool highland area,” which is also applicable to the agroecological conditions where Dega coffee grows. 

This coffee is a top grade (Grade 1) washed coffee from Guji, Ethiopia displaying one the cleanest flavor profiles you can experience.