We are honored and excited to introduce you to a very special farm. Sharing the same values & principles with our partners at origin and our coffee lovers are the reason why we keep pursuing quality, traceability, and education.


This series of nano-lots from Pillcocaja is for anyone who wishes to travel, discover and experience a new culture.



Lot #8 - Fully Washed Sidra


The Sidra varietal is a new hybrid made from Bourbon and Typica, picking out the best of those two varieties. It takes the sugary aspect and syrupy mouthfeel of a Bourbon and the clarity and bright side of a Typica.


Enjoy this fine dessert. Here, I want to take you to my hometown, Paris. Think of it as a Napoleon cake (Mille-feuille) or a creme-brulee.


The first impression of this coffee starts with an intense sweet vanilla smell. Once you start sipping it, dried fruits and delicate floral notes accompany the vanilla note. The finish is smooth and clean with almond butter tones.



My biggest passion besides coffee is travel. The discovery of the unknown, the thrill of experiencing a new culture, the people you meet, the excitement of waking up every single day knowing that the World will always surprise you, the relaxing feeling of being lost to finally find yourself. Growing up in France, I had an Atlas Collection of Maps and was fascinated by how big and diverse this playground is. Later, I've visited every single place I marked on these maps. This series of coffee is for the mini-me and every traveler.