This is an innovative process using a unique varietal developed by the farmer himself. The flavor, sweetness, acidity, and mouthfeel of this coffee are unique. This is not your classic natural processed coffee.


Recommended resting period: 6 days post-roast.


Café Granja La Esperanza specializes in the production and commercialization of specialty coffee varietals, facing huge challenges as the adaptation of these varietals to the Colombian soil and climate conditions are quite difficult. Also, having to face competitors in every specialty coffee market around the world.Luis and Rigoberto Herrera and their passionate team have produced some of the most incredible coffees, represented by many baristas around the world in coffee competitions.


"Cheers to a long life. It's important to celebrate and recognize defining moments of our lives, even the little ones. Treat yourself to this unique exotic coffee from Colombia. With a process inspired by cognac maturation, expect intense and unique flavors. Excellent on a drip, espresso, or ibrik/cezve, this versatile coffee will surely be part of your memory. Being a cocktail lover, I enjoy the complexity it can create when mixed properly or the increasing sweetness as it cools down."



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  • PRODUCER - Granja La Esperanza

    COUNTRY - Colombia

    REGION - Valle de Cauca

    VARIETY - San Juan - new hybrid created by CGLE, with Bourbon and Bourbon/Typica Cross-Hy