The flavor profile & balance of this washed Caturra caught our attention immediately. Its cleanliness, body, and acidity make it the perfect cup to drink with a great book and small bites. We sourced this particular coffee to create the ideal book reading experience. The caramel crumbles and hazelnut notes along with the purple fruit tones creates a sweet, mellow, and smooth drinking experience.


About the farm

Finca El Fuerte was the first of the four farms the Rodriguez family planted in Samaipata.

El Fuerte farm was the first to experiment in developing coffee with excellent characteristics for producing high-quality coffee.


The location has proved to be strategic and the weather is ideal, a second wet mill was soon established at the site. Now, all the coffee produced in the Samaipata farms is processed at El Fuerte.


Samaipata is a unique place known for producing varieties of wines and now specialty coffees. It has a fairly extreme climate, as during the day the temperature is 25-30°C and at night it drops to 8-10°C. This makes the ripening process of the cherries slow down, and the sugars of the fruit are concentrated in the grain. The harvest on this farm lasts 6 months from June to December. monkeys playing around.


PriceFrom $12.80
  • PRODUCERS - Rodriguez family

    COUNTRY - Bolivia

    REGION - Samaipata

    VARIETY - Caturra

    FARM SIZE - 45 HA planted in 2014

    PROCESS - Washed for 24 hrs

    DRYING - Mechanical

    PICKING - Manual

    ELEVATION - 1600 masl

    HARVEST - December 2020

    TASTING NOTES - caramel crumbles, plums, figs, hazelnut