A tale of Bourbon is a tribute to this excellent varietal. Taste and challenge yourself with 3 bourbons from 3 origins.


A cup of Bourbon variety is lush and classic. It’s the coffee of coffee. It charms the pro and the enthusiasts alike. Sweet and complex, you can’t go wrong with it.


Bourbon is a tall variety characterized by relatively low production, susceptibility to the major diseases. Nonetheless, it yields excellent cup quality.


French missionaries introduced Bourbon from Yemen to Bourbon Island (now La Réunion)—giving it the name it has today—in the early 1700s. The Bourbon variety was introduced to Brazil around 1860 by French missionaries, and from there rapidly spread north into other parts of South and Central America. There it got mixed with other Bourbon-related varieties.


French Missionaries from Bourbon also took the tree with them to Africa, more precisely, Tanzania’s island of Zanzibar in 1868. From here, Bourbon trees spread throughout East Africa, evolving into numerous local iterations and selections.


Today in Latin America, Bourbon has been replaced by varieties that descend from it like Caturra, Catuai, and Mundo Novo, although Bourbon itself is still cultivated in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru.


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  • PRODUCERS - Finca Nueva Granada

    COUNTRY - Guatemala

    REGION - San Marcos

    VARIETY - Bourbon

    PROCESS - Washed

    CERTIFICATION - Rainforest Alliance

    ELEVATION - 1800 masl

    HARVEST - March 2020

    TASTING NOTES - chocolate, baking spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), grapes (red)