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Keeping our engagement of transparency and traceability with our partners and coffee lovers is one of our strongest value. From the green coffee grade to our sourcing partner and our purchasing price, we do our best to highlight our fully transparent approach.


In 2021 we continued to work with the same sourcing partner as well as direct relationship farmers.


In 2021, we sourced primarily first grade lots with an average quality score of 88.05


Our pondered average purchase price has increased from 3.79 to 5.14 FOB*. We realized that to make a bigger impact on the farm gate price, we had to source even more transparent lots as much as we can.

Transparency report memli coffee 2021 all coffee

C-price - Average commodity price for coffee on the New York Stock Exchange.

FOB - Freight-On-Board, the price of a coffee at export. This means it includes the price paid to the farmer (including local transport and milling costs) as well the amount the exporter is charging buyers who take control of the coffee as it's loaded onto the vessel at the point of origin.


Farm Gate Price -  the price paid directly to the farmer, not to traders and mills.


The farm gate price is not easy to get for every origin. Some of the African coffee is an estimated based on average due to the compelxity of cooperatives and mills where hundreds of farmers deliver their cherry.

Transparency report memli coffee 2021
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